Four-axis scanning diameter & ovality gauge
Measures products up to 50 mm


AccuScan 6000 Series

Ultra-Accurate, Four-Axis Diameter and Ovality Gauges

The industry's only four-axis scanning diameter & ovality gauge, providing the highest accuracy to ensure your products meet the tightest design and quality specifications.

  • Most Comprehensive Measurement Coverage – provides more accurate average diameter on products up to 50 mm
  • Highest Ovality Accuracy – up to 100%, unlike three-axis gauges
  • Highest Flaw Detection Accuracy – 25% improvement over three axis-gauges
  • Highest Product Quality Yield – offers significant manufacturing savings
  • Ultra-Fast Measurements – up to 9600 scans per second
  • Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service

Get Ready to Experience Unmatched Performance and Numerous Quality and Production Advantages

The AccuScan 6000 Series gauge provides the most comprehensive measurement coverage around your product's circumference to instantly detect changes in product diameter and ovality. This ultra-accurate gauge suitable for a wide range of applications such as pipe and tube, wire and cable, and other extruded or drawn cylindrical or shaped products. Two gauges are offered:

  • AccuScan 6012 — measures products up to 12 mm
  • AccuScan 6050 — measures products up to 50 mm

 The AccuScan 6000 Series gauge offers flexible communications for easy integration into your product environment and can be combined with our InControl process controller along with other Beta LaserMike dimensional monitoring gauges for a complete process quality control solution.


Meetbereik 0,5 - 50 mm
Display Resolutie 0,01 µm
Repeatability ±2µ±0.025%
Accuracy ±1 µm
Doorgang 60 mm