BMSvision Plastics

BMSvision is market leader in the field of Manufactoring Execution Systems (MES), or monitoring systems, for the plastics industry. The MES systems are integrated with ERP, allowing the new requirements of INDUSTRY 4.0 and the SMART FACTORY to be realised.
In the Netherlands alone, there are many well-known and less well-known plastics companies that register and monitor their production day and night with an MES system.
Monitoring system for the plastics extrusion and injection moulding industry
This module keeps your process within the desired specifications for optimal
product quality.
The BMS real time energy monitoring system. With this supporting tool, it is possible to gain insight into the energy consumption of the production process.


Textile MES

BMSvision offers a wide range of sensor and system products for the textile industry.

The BMSvision production monitoring systems cover all textile production processes. A very powerful loom monitoring system is available under the name WeaveMaster. KnitMaster monitors both circular and curved knitting machines. For the carpet industry we offer TuftMaster, a system to monitor both tufting machines and carpet looms. Furthermore, our SpinMaster and TwistMaster are used in yarn production.

BMSvision is the leading supplier in the field of automated onloom inspection. With the Cyclops and Argus scanners and the QualiMaster fabric quality management system, BMSvision offers a unique quality assurance solution for weavers.

The electronics and computers used in our products are state-of-the-art and offer the reliability required for the textile environment. Our installation teams are familiar with textiles and the service is available worldwide.

Plastics MES

PlantMaster provides a complete MES solution for the plastic injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, packaging and assembly industries.

PlantMaster features a modular concept that provides real-time solutions for machine monitoring, alarm management, planning and scheduling, quality control and SPC/SQC (Statistical Process Control & Statistical Quality Control), machine setting management, traceability, preventive maintenance and spare parts inventory management.