H3D Hybrid 3-Dimensional Mesh Forming System.
Welcome to the world of technical textiles, where “large yawning” and “heavy load” are demanded of jacquard machines.
The BONAS hybrid generation – the H3D – is the perfect yawning mechanism to navigate the era of 3D weaving.


Hook capacity up to 16,128


All 3-dimensional, multi-layer and technical applications

Advantages of the H3D

  • Flexible pulley system, adapted to the requirements of the weaver of technical textiles, placed under the jacquard and easily accessible.
  • The height-adjustable 'wheel-holders' of the pulley system are mounted on horizontal profiles.
  • Additional separation of the warp threads at crossing points and extensive height adjustment of the yarn layers is possible, even after levelling.
  • Selection remains guaranteed even without harness tension.
  • The complete yarn formation system can be supplied by BONAS.

Hook load

Up to 2 kg

Gap flexibility

Full 2 and 3 position, up to 330 mm

Full 4 position, up to 430 mm.


Independent controller

Independent servomotor control


BONAS offers harnesses of the highest quality, tailor-made for all technical applications that require heavy loads. The quick connectors are standard and offer great ease of use.