Guarneri Technology is the only manufacturer of calendaring systems offering deflection-controlled NIPCOr rollers for textile finishing and technical textiles. This calendar technology is characterised by decisive design advantages such as:
– Stationary shaft and turned sleeves
– Freely rotating sleeves: Polyamide PGT6, TopTech 3r, Paper, Cotton or Steel
– Motorised width adjustment for different fabric widths
– Multiple surface pressure adjustment with a wide spread over the entire working width
– Sleeve retraction to prevent edges from overheating
– Step less adjustment of the area pressure from 25 – 400 N/mm
– Maintenance-free Electrothermal hot water system for the steel coil
– Alternative heating systems on request, such as thermal oil or gas
– Peripheral steel coils for fast response to temperature regulation or resetting under high speed

  • NIPCO® calenders: the only calender system manufacturer to offer deflection controlled NIPCO® rolls for textile finishing and technical textiles.
  • Conventional Calender: 2,3,4 and 5 bowl conventional calendars
  • Simili Calanders: 4 bowl simili calender is the best solution for simili-mercerization that reduces the swelling point of the cotton fibre becoming high permanent gloss for African damask and poplin material of pure cotton.