500 – 1800°C
For high temperatures of metals and ceramic materials
Miniature sensor head and separate electronics


MI3100 High Temperature Sensors

The MI3100 high temperature sensing head represents a further extension of performance and innovation in continuous

noncontact temperature monitoring for specific OEM applications and high temperature manufacturing processes. The short

wavelength sensor delivers more accurate measurements vs. long-wavelength units in case of emissivity changes (for example:

metals, ceramics). The MI3100 is a rugged, IP65 stainless steel sensing head to handle many applications in a wide temperature range.

Highlights: MI3100

  • Wide temperature range up to 1800 °C
  • Laser sighting
  • 100:1 optical resolutions
  • Spectral models 1 μm/1.6 μm
  • Ambient temperatures to 120 °C without cooling


Temperatuurbereik 500 to 1800°C
Spectraal Bereik 1 µm
D:S 100:1
Smallest spotsize 2 mm
Indicator laser
Response Time 10 ms
Fiber option -
Bijzonderheid for metals and ceramics