Sensors for measuring the moisture content of materials during e.g. impregnation, painting, coating and drying. Perfect application for efficiency measurement in water-based processes.


Sensor principle:

The measurement of material moisture is based on microwave absorption by water. A semiconductor oscillator sends microwave energy through the web. The non-absorbed part of the energy is received on the other side by a microwave receiver. The amount of absorption is a measurement of the absolute moisture content.

Applications of static microwave headers:

PLEVA material moisture meters with microwave technology are used for on-line, non-contact, instantaneous, accurate and non-destructive measurement of the moisture in a planform product. The measuring devices AF – RF are designed for measuring the application of moisture on planks with fixed measuring heads. 

Areas of application are:

Textile industries Moisture on fabric webs Dyeing and wet-on-wet applications independent of fibre type and colour Latex and foam coating for carpets Applications on non wovens Filters Moisture on felts Water based coatings Minimal applications Tyre cords

Non-textile industries Paper, cardboard Adhesives Veneer sheets Laminate sheets Plasterboard Construction sheets Sausage casings Medical sector