Sahm winders are used for many different types of yarns and tapes and in a wide range of applications.
The winders are often used for the production and processing of yarns and tapes of aramid, Dyneema, carbon, glass and artificial grass.
Good winding is a profession in itself with the ultimate goal: a cone that unwinds well.

Our products:

  • HPF winders: Automatic and manual winders for technical yarns like Twinstar II (360XE, 380XE, 362XE, 382XE), Two60 (big), 240XE, 260XE, 700XE, 750XE, 140E and Bitensor 910E.
  • Carbon winders: Automatic and manual winders for carbon fibres, prepreg tapes and towpregs. Jumbo winders for PAN PRECURSOR yarns like 880Eco, 880XE, CarbonStar 850XE, CarbonStar 2-cop, 464XE, 810XE, 830XE and 840XE.
  • Traverse spoolers:  Parallel winders for foils, adhesive and paper tapes, and security tapes like 411E and 460XE
  • Tape and monofilament winders: Automatic and manual winders for tapes, grass yarn and monofilaments like LinStar 330XE, 240E, 240XE, 260E, Two60 TAPE, Twinstar II 360XE, 700XE, 750XE
  • SAHM MEF winders: Automatic winders for multifilament compact spinning lines the Sahm 3200.
  • Special application: Because of the large amount of data, we regret not being able to provide an exhaustive list of all the materials and applications that can be processed and realized using our machines. If you are interested and your specific material is not mentioned, please contact B.L.W. Visser.