High measuring accuracy and reliability, long-term stability, well thought-out designs, durable and reliable systems distinguish Tensometric measuring instruments. In addition, we offer special production, short delivery times, express repair service and a very good price-performance ratio.
Tensometric products can be found in these industries:
– Automotive industry
– Medical industry
– Paper and textile industry
– Wire and cable industry
– Zeppelin industry

Tensometric has many types of measuring equipment for cable and wire such as:

  • Hand tension meters for cable, wire, yarn and tape
  • Stationary strain gauges
  • Friction measuring equipment: test equipment to measure the resistance/friction of yarns, threads and tapes
  • Kett 03 and kett 08 for measuring the chain tension

B.L.W. Visser can advise you about the right equipment for your product and application. Tensometric is also open for customer specific solutions.