Temperature measurement range: -20 °C to +1000 °C
The TiX580 is a solid and excellently designed 640 x 480 pixel thermal imaging camera Users can now perform thermal imaging inspections with greater reliability and faster results than ever before; with the power and ease of use you have come to expect from Fluke.

Key features

NETD 50 mK
640 x 480 resolution (307,200 pixels)
Temperature range -20°C to 1000°C

Extremely detailed images. >180° rotating lens.
MultiSharpT and FocusLaserSharpr Auto Focus

Bring the best to your workplace

  • 5.7-inch screen
  • The screen can rotate 240 degrees
  • Ergonomic design
  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus accurately calculates the distance to your target
  • MultiSharp™ Focus delivers automatically focused images across the entire field of view
  • IR Fusion® technology lets you easily adjust the combination of visible and infrared images
  • Fluke Connect® connects your camera to the Fluke network of wireless test tools and meters
  • Get 4x more pixels with SuperResolution, a technology that captures and combines multiple images into a single 1280 x 960 pixel image
  • Reduce the need for on-site annotation with two useful features: IR-PhotoNotes™ annotation system – captures digital images of the environment relative to reference conditions or the actual location. Any additional data can also be stored in the file with recorded text
  • Quickly highlight areas outside your preset 'normal' temperature ranges with colour alarms
  • Compatibility with MATLAB® and LabVIEW® allows users to integrate camera data, infrared video and images to support R&D analysis
  • Fluke Connect SmartView desktop software: Optimize thermal images, perform analysis, generate customizable and robust reports quickly, and export images to the cloud-based format of your choice
  • Pre-calibrated optional lenses: Wide-angle, 2x and 4x telephoto lenses, and 25 micron macro lenses let you shoot up close or from a distance


Resolutie 640 x 480 px
Gevoeligheid 50mK
Accuracy ±2 °C of 2 %
Optional lenses
Focusing MultiSharpT Focus
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