The main applications of the AT Jigger are pretreatment, dyeing and washing of any type of woven cellulose or polyamide fabric.
Henriksen Jiggers are used for pretreatment, washing and dyeing of woven fabrics and are very versatile machines.
All systems are equipped with the unique drive system that accurately maintains fabric tension and monitors both shrinkage and elongation. These features guarantee wrinkle-free operation and accurate sampling.
The advanced process control system for temperatures, chemical dosage, grinding ratio and process time guarantees initial correct processing and full reproducibility.

ATMOSPHERE JIGGER – General Specifications

– "Repro paint" systems

– "Flow flushing" system

– Automatic water flow meter

– AC motors and electronic drives

– Unique drive algorithm

– Barco or Setex control interface

– Pneumatic valves for all functions

– Fluid circulation system with stainless steel pump

– Pneumatically lifted doors

– Steam tight construction

– Sloping hood to prevent drips

– Extra tank and dosing pump

– Optional oscillating system

– Optional batch system

– Optional centre winder

– Optional heat exchanger for cooling and heating

– Extra chemical valve for fully automated jigger

– Extra connection for water