Veelzijdigste, meerkanaals en robuuste glasvezel temperatuurmeter

Rugged Monitoring R501

Increasing automation and centralization in all industries has created a need for having a flexible and expandable monitoring system that can collect data from large number of different sensors and provide a single visualization and control platform. 

The Rugged Monitoring R501 is designed with built-in flexibility and upgradability to accommodate for the changing needs of customers. The R501 solution provides real time monitoring of fiber optic temperature and many other parameters such as, Pressure, AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Current, DC Voltage, Binary Inputs etc. Different kinds of input/output (IO) modules (Analog Input, Digital Input, Analog Output, Digital Output) are available to fit into the chassis. It supports both rack mount and distributed installation. The R501 chassis can be installed into customer control panel providing flexibility to test/monitor up to 256 sensors. The FO modules and other IO modules can also be installed independently (Dinrail mount) and daisy chained to the central CPU module communicating over CANBUS/MODBUS. Distributed modules can also be directly connected to customer datalogger for high resolution data logging e.g. CAN-Logger. Advance ‘Rugged Connect’ software is available along with the R501 for data visualization, configuration and reporting.

It can be used in a wide range of applications including Aviation, Automotive, Cryogenic, Battery Bank/Racks, Medical, Semiconductors, Utilities, and R&D. It's wide measuring range (-271 °C to +300 °C), high precision and complete immunity to RFI, EMI, microwave radiation, and high voltages make it an obvious choice for temperature measurement in extreme conditions.


  • Electric Vehicle and Battery Testing 
  • Medical Equipment testing (MRI, PETSCAN, NMR)
  • Battery Rack monitoring, Fire Code Compliance
  • Aircrafts and Fuel Tank Testing
  • Commercial Grade Microwave Radiation
  • Industrial process control and monitoring applications
  • Chemical and process Industries
  • Food and Beverage Processes
  • Transformer Monitoring with winding hot spot temperature
  • Electric Motors and Generator Testing