Toepassingsgebieden van Decoup ultrasoon snijapparatuur:
– (technische) textiel
– nonwovens
– folie
– zonwering producenten
– rond- en vlakgeweven PP en PES tape
– levering aan zowel machineproducent als ook direct aan de eindgebruiker
– handapparatuur

Voorbeelden Decoup+ apparatuur:

  • DUO: Ultrasonic track sealing followed by an ultrasonic cutting
  • STAR: Ultrasonic combined cutting for PP woven fabrics weaving looms
  • MK/MP: Ultrasonic edge cutting and sealing of woven fabrics
  • Ken: Ultrasound combined cutting for edges reinforcement
  • Benches: Complete ultrasonic benches to be installed downstream a production line
  • P: Handheld device for ultrasonic shape cutting or spot welding
  • T: Handheld device for ultrasonic straight cutting operations
  • Mini Press: Stand alone system for ultrasonic press welding or press cutting
  • SM: Ultrasonic equipment for cross and circle cutting machines
  • Generators: Ultrasonic generators for integrators or machine manufacturers
  • Transducers and boosters: Ultrasonic transducer and booster components for OEM
  • Sonotrodes: Ultrasonic horns for textile cutting, plastic welding or food cutting