To measure speed and length contactless, use the Beta LaserMike Laser Speed sensors. These systems measure non-contact with an unprecedented precision. For AccuScan systems see Beta LaserMike Accuscan on our website.
The BetaLaserMike LaserSpeed is the most advanced sensor that measures the speed and/or length of products or orbiting materials, without touching the product!
With a measurement accuracy guaranteed to be within 0.05% (for many materials less than 0.02%), BetaLaserMike achieves accuracies considered impossible for non-contact sensors.
The BetaLaserMike LaserSpeed is often used in the production of plastics, film, paper, rubber, non-wovens, metal, textiles, profiles etc. Advantages of the LaserSpeed sensor are:
No contact with the material
Measures soft, liquid, hot, thin, sticky materials without problems
No print on the product
Sensor is permanently calibrated
Insensitive to wear and tear
Equipped with all modern communication possibilities with your process control
Suitable for piece measurements (during continuous production)
Is speed and/or length of your production process or products an important measurement value? Then the BetaLaserMike LaserSpeed sensor is the possible solution for you!